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Direct Wigs are very pleased to be able to offer this exclusive range of Shampoo’s and Conditioners.

Tea Tree Shampoo 100ml, formulated for use with wigs and systems that are worn for long periods, to reduce the risk of scalp problems, and for deep cleansing and cleaning.

Studies support the topical application of tea tree oil in skin and hair care and for the treatment of various conditions.
Tea tree oil can be effective against bacteria, Viruses, Fungal infections, Mites, Head Lice, etc.
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Wigs are pre styled, so do not need cutting or styling….Unless shown in the wigs details.

The base is adjustable to fit head sizes.

Hair or Fibre: Wash in luke warm water with a mild shampoo, You can use a conditioner

Fibre: leave to dry naturally, never use heat.

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